Strengthening the AUV Community

AUVAC brings together academic, private sector, and government organizations in support of Autonomous Undersea Vehicles (AUVs), in order to advance AUV system technology, promote AUV interoperability, and increase AUV availability in support of national ocean community needs.

This website is brand new, and is an effort to encourage collaboration within the AUV community, from the point of view of both users and research & technology developers. The content at this time is being updated as new information is obtained from people involved in the community. We encourage you to suggest information to include within the website and to become more involved in the effort to expand awareness to potential users as well as sharing questions and results.

AUVAC is a program of the Autonomous Undersea Systems Institute.

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Over the past 30 years, this meeting has become one of the most recognized International meetings focused on AUV systems and technology. It attracts a large following of international participants. The meeting focuses on new technology and AUV system applications.

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Community News

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Increased Exposure

For vehicle manufacturers

AUVAC maintains a database of AUV system and subsystem technologies in order to match prospective customers with the equipment they need most: yours.

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A Centralized Resource

For AUV users

From start to finish, AUVAC's members can help make your AUV mission a success. We bring together organizations involved in systems, integration, logistics, support, and analysis.

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Information Sharing

For the AUV Community

AUVAC encourages communication between academic, private, and government organizations in order to increase the interoperability of systems and sensors.

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